The Arty Autist

My artist side

The first ever portrait I did was of a spirit ancestor called Puro.

The portraits and paintings below illustrate my craft. Immediately below - a Buddhist boy who accompanied a member of a group I was giving a talk to. Please scroll down to see all my work.


Does my 'condition' hinder or help my art?

Spectrum 'conditions' can aid artistic work because sensitivity to social and environmental influence is increased. This sometimes contradicts how people might describe people with Asperger's.

How does my psychic ability work?

We can explore the sensations and atmosphere of what is around us on an invisible level. In my culture, we believe ancestors accompany us through life and help us through all the ups and downs. I sometimes draw the people I see, usually in pencil and charcoal, and I try to do them justice by interpreting them in as realistic a way as I can.


Above left: a woman from the Middle Ages (early 14th century). 

Above right: Yag (a word meaning fire in Romanes). I have called this picture Yag Praying for His People to illustrate the difficulties of living in the Neolithic Revolution.

Below - these are paintings of Saint Sara, the patron saint of Gypsies (left), and A Gypsy Man (right). 

Immediately below - two of my geometric universe paintings (left) The Love of Art (right) Preseli Mountains. Far below is a painting entitled The Eye of the Sun.