The Arty Autist

Surviving as an autist/artist

The world we live in is tough for people with autism and also people with dyspraxia, but it is equally tough for those who are artistic and who are never heard. Whether autist, artist, or both, we are constantly trying to make sense of the world and to be able to stitch it together. Artists and autists therefore have a lot in common. People also have a great need to feel they belong, and the arts can show us that. It is true that if we choose to live without the use of our imaginations, we are the poorer, and do not function in the world as much as we need to for the sake of our health. We don't always have to create art ourselves, but we can enjoy the arts, whether music, painting, literature, theatre or any of the crafts. The world, by its very nature, can leave us feeling estranged, misunderstood, isolated and extremely lonely in these times, and I am always campaigning to a) get people to understand that our beloved natural world is falling apart, and b) help them see what they can personally do about that in order to keep their self-esteem and their confidence. The natural world and the creative world, together, provide us with a means of connecting us to something far higher within ourselves. I hope you enjoy what I have to give.